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‘It’s Nice That’ wrote about our ‘Tweet History Book’ project

After all our hard work its nice to see that people pick it up. It’s Nice That contacted us asking if they could write an article about our practice and our second project. Of course we were very happy to answer their questions.

A Tweet History affords us a space, away from the “unintelligible soup of triviality” that is the online world, for self reflection and revision. It serves as an important reminder of the impact of our digital activity, not to mention its existence in the first place. It provides people with a tool through which they can archive not just their comments and opinions, but their previous selves – something they can come back to later to acknowledge just how right – or terribly wrong – they were. “We feel that people are unaware of how important their online content can be, particularly to themselves,” says Jaap. “It is interesting to imagine what would happen if tomorrow all of it is gone. Some things are deserving of being preserved.”

Read the full article here

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