• A Tweet History NEW


    Do tweets read differently when they are part of a book? Does context change the tone and scope of your ideas? Explore what happens when content that is ephemeral by nature is preserved in printed form. This book is both an archive and an irony; an object that quickly becomes obsolete, given the exponential speed on which online content is generated every day, but also an artefact that is always there to remind you of your brief passage on the overwhelming flood of information.

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  • Internet Audience: Youtube Dictionary 2017


    Observers use comment platforms in YouTube to leave a mark on what they have observed. The reverse can be actualised. The observer becomes the observed when their words transcend the scrolling page and become the content of this indexed dictionary. Search for a letter, skim through the comments. Is there a different weight on a printed opinion? What is the content and what is the medium?

    Due to the data protection act (DPA) and copyright policies from the YouTube Platform, this object is not for sale, it is only available for exhibition purposes in art galleries and similar venues.

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